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Some of our strongest researchers started out as undergraduate volunteers. Please take a look at these FAQs to learn more about our general requirements and application process:

Who can join the lab? Current undergraduate students at UCSD can apply to volunteer in the lab, or complete undergraduate course work such as a BISP 199 or BISP 197. Students in the Division of Biological Sciences with a major in Neurobiology are given preference although all students that apply will be considered on an individual basis if a position is available.
What type of commitment is expected from volunteers?
UCSD undergraduate student volunteers are required to commit a minimum of 10 hours a week for at least 2 consecutive quarters or longer.
I would like to join the lab. How do I apply?
Talented and highly motivated undergraduate students are welcome to send e-mail inquiries to either or for available opportunities. Please include an up to date resume, contact information for 2 references, and a list of Neuroscience, Data Science, or Cognitive Sciences courses that have been successfully completed. Please also list any computer experience and coding languages you are proficient in.


We strive to accomodate all interested graduate students in joining or collaborating with our laboratories. Please take a look at the programs that we accept students from for rotations and mentorship:


Postdoctoral Fellows

Talented postdoctoral candidates are welcome to send inquiries to or regarding current opportunities in each laboratory. Please include an up to date CV, contact information for 3 references, and a cover letter explaining your past work, current interests, and career goals. Candidates with a strong background (supported by high quality publications) in electrophysiology or computational neuroscience are preferred.




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